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10 May 2022

UWC Maastricht


UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future

UWC Maastricht

We offer a challenging and engaging education for students from all age groups, equipping them with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to live a meaningful and flourishing life. The UWC Maastricht educational experience is about knowing and acting. We nurture an understanding of the world and its major challenges, and help students discover how they can serve others and make a positive contribution to society and the planet. We currently serve over 900 students from more than 100 countries, 200 of whom live in our residential community on campus.

The value of a UWC education

A UWC education is life-changing. We empower change makers and future leaders through the delivery of a unique programme in a deliberately diverse community. The educational ethos of UWC combines rigorous academic standards with experiential and inquiry-based learning in areas such as sustainability, intercultural dialogue, social justice, conflict resolution and social entrepreneurship. UWC students come together from very diverse backgrounds, including the most marginalised. Access to a UWC education is given independent of socio-economic background, supported through a rigorous admission process and a comprehensive scholarship programme: around 65% of UWC students attending the final two years of secondary school are awarded a full or partial scholarship. UWC’s 60,000 alumni are prized by top universities worldwide and, in their professional lives, they occupy positions of influence in industry, finance, civil society, government, healthcare, academia and the media.

Join us!

UWC Maastricht recruits qualified and experienced staff from around the world who are committed to our school’s mission and vision. 

A deliberately diverse community

UWC Maastricht is committed to creating a deliberate diverse and inclusive school community, uniting students and staff from the rich diversity of human existence. We not only wish to bring together people from different national and cultural backgrounds, but also recognize differences around ethnicity, religion and belief, language, colour, socio-economic opportunity, physical and mental ability, political ideology, gender and gender expression, and sexuality. Actively pursuing such a community and creating equal opportunities for all of our stakeholders will allow us to celebrate our diversity and, in the process, discover our commonality as members of the human race.

UWC Maastricht has a full time vacancy (per August 1st, 2022) for a  Counsellor

The job

The Counsellor provides students with the skills in the personal -, social -, emotional – and academic domains to foster optimal adjustment and development throughout school and prepare for readiness to transition into life after school. 

This position participates in a team of counsellors and alongside other specialists in Student Services, including but not limited to ELL staff and Special Educational Needs specialists. Aspects of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:

Prevention (Care plan Level one):

  • Contributing to the implementation of a Universal School-Based Prevention Programme (Universal Prevention) for students in collaboration with others in the Student Support Department, Directors, Heads of Department and Heads of Year (pastoral staff), tutors/classroom teachers, and outside agencies: Monitor that the programme is evidence-based and effectively targets the development of appropriate social, emotional and academic readiness skills
  • Support tutors and teachers in their delivery of care to students (e.g. identify helpful resources, provide training opportunities, support with monitoring and tracking).
  • Being integrated and visible within the wider school community (i.e. participating in activities such as day trips/camps, attending staff meetings, being present at parents’ evenings and other social functions)
  • Participating in, coordinating, and conducting activities that contribute to the effective operation of the counselling program (e.g., advertising the services; evaluation and planning).
  • Participating in the Secondary Student Services team as relevant..
  • Contribute to Professional Development sessions as requested by the Head of Student Services.

 Prevention (Care Plan Level two)

Designing, implementing and delivering targeted services (Targeted Prevention):

  • Observations and communication with teachers to identify specific needs of students
  • Implement evidence-based programmes for targeted small group programmes
  • Early intervention, preventative counselling meetings to support students whose difficulties have the potential to escalate.     

Consulting with teachers, parents/guardians, and other staff regarding the needs of the students.

Support and training to other UWCM staff as part of universal support, on topics including:

  • Referral to school-based counselling services
  • Early detection of signs of Childhood Abuse and Neglect, and Safeguarding Procedures
  • Techniques for socio-emotional support within the classroom
  • Behavioural classroom management techniques

Intervention (Care Plan Level three):

  • Provide individual counselling in accordance with laws and regulations in the Netherlands and international best practice (e.g., ASCA guidelines) such as crisis intervention and counselling of students with identified socio-emotional needs as needed.
  • Assume an advocate role for each student’s socio-emotional wellbeing at UWCM by being responsible for appropriate information dissemination and by contributing to the design,implementation, monitoring and adjustment of individual support plans.
  • Collaboration in the Student Support Department, and other teams, to optimally support a student in our school.
  • Referring to outside professionals and liaise with outside agencies, such as School Doctors, RIAGG and General Practitioners.
  • Collaborating with caregivers (e.g., provide parent guidance and regular contact).
  • Evaluating the efficacy of interventions on an ongoing basis.

The successful profile & qualifications


Pursuing the UWC mission requires a commitment from our staff members to the following values:

International and cultural understanding, celebration of difference, personal responsibility and integrity, mutual responsibility and respect, compassion and service, respect for the environment, a sense of idealism, personal challenge, action and personal example.

It should be noted that the school is a dynamic and high energy environment: the satisfaction from working at UWC Maastricht is high – but so are the demands on time and engagement.

Education degree and Professional competencies

  • Has a completed Bachelor Degree and a specialized Master Degree in the field of (school or Educational-) Psychology.
  • Has proven hands-on experience, preferably in an international school.
  • Has the ability to create a well-organized, orderly and task-oriented environment.
  • Is an excellent team player and an independent thinker.
  • Creates an atmosphere of trust by dealing with students in a positive and open way
  • Communicates with stakeholders in a clear manner and coordinates with parents and others involved in the education and development of the students
  • Reflects regularly on the development of personal and professional capabilities
  • Computer literacy
  • Fluent in English


UWC Maastricht is committed to upholding the highest standards in student safeguarding. Throughout the application process we will be assessing your suitability to work with children and young adults. Prior to an offer of employment being made, UWC Maastricht will check directly with current and former employers about safeguarding.

Terms of Employment / Remuneration

  • You will get a contract of employment under Dutch law: the initial contract is for a year, August 1, 2023.
  • The package will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position, according to the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for Secondary Education (‘CAO VO’). Pay scale 11 is applicable, with a maximum salary of € 5012,- gross a month.
  • Participation in the school’s pension plan via the ABP Retirement/Pension Fund.
  • Support in the application for the ‘30% Facility for Incoming Employees’ with the Dutch Tax Authorities (if relevant).
  • Location: UWC Maastricht, the Netherlands.

To be able to work in the Netherlands, a (foreign) staff member must be able to successfully apply for:

✔ Residence and work permits for the Netherlands.

✔ A Dutch VOG (certificate of good conduct).

 UWCM will assist in the application process for residence and work permits and VOG.

If you would like to know more about this challenging position, please contact our HR Team via / via +31(0)43 2410 410, or check our website

Our procedure

After shortlisting, we determine the suitability of the remaining candidates to work in our school via reference checks and interviews at our school or via Skype. 

As per our Hiring Policy, Safeguarding is a priority of UWCM and therefore all references will be asked questions in this area.

Your application

You can express your interest by uploading your CV (linked to the described successful profile and qualifications) and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position to our HR team via

The deadline for application is May 21th, 2022.

Further information can be found on our website via ‘Working with us’. UWCM reserves the right to identify and appoint a qualified candidate prior to the submission deadline.