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4 May 2021

UWC Changshu China


How to Apply

Please email the following to and indicate the position that you are applying for in the subject line of your email:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae (with three references)

Address: No.88 Kunchenghuxi Road, Changshu, Jiangsu, China

For more information about UWC Changshu China, please visit our website at


中国常熟世界联合学院 2021-2022 诚聘 IB DP 中文 A 教师 1 名。应征者需要对世界联合 学院(UWC)运动和设立的独特价值观深有认识、衷心认同,同时具备坚实的中国文 学和语言科班训练基础及良好的中国文化素养,接受过 IBO 学务部门提供的中文教师 课程培训(IBDP Chinese Workshop Training)或获聘为 IBO 语言科目考官或是培训官 

(IBDP Examiner or Workshop Leader)的申请者优先,中国文学专业大学硕士应届毕业 生中的质优者,也可以考虑破格录取聘用。 

  • A minimum of 2 years of IB Diploma Chinese teaching experience 
  • Has taught various level of IB diploma Chinese courses (Chinese A, Chinese B, Chinese a.b.) - demonstrated track record of working in a team  
  • Demonstrated track record of being able to connect with students  
  • Willingness or demonstrated track record in learning and practicing new pedagogy
  • To teach four to five courses of Chinese that include CYE/pre-DP classes 
  • To supervise Extended Essay in Chinese or in other subjects
  • Willing and prepare to teach Theory of Knowledge or lead the Chinese session in Theory of  Knowledge 
  • Willing and prepare to support the curriculum of the Chinese department 
  • Willing to attend relevant IB workshops and be trained to used the pedagogy that supports


All teachers at the School share responsibility for the quality of learning and teaching in the School.  

Teachers at the School are expected to be highly qualified and experienced professionals in the discipline (s) they teach. Their role as educators at the School extends, however, far beyond the expert delivery of subject material. UWCs provide a unique holistic learning environment in which faculty members are expected to build positive relationships with students and colleagues in pursuit of the movement’s philosophy and mission ( Teaching Staff are further expected to demonstrate their commitment to the specific UWC China ‘experience’ for students.

  • Making an active contribution to enhancing the overall aims of the School.
  • Helping to build a positive sense of community among staff and students. 
  • Being comfortable working with cultural dissonance and having the capacity to guide students towards genuine international-mindedness. 
  • The ability to engage with students with a variety of learning styles and to engender enthusiasm for learning in a multi-cultural environment.  
  • Being flexible in teaching methodology and demonstrating a willingness to work collaboratively.  
  • Establishing classroom environments that are demanding, stimulating, hardworking, focused and pleasant to be in, and which reflect the UWC’s declared values. 
  • Effectively teaching a variety of classes, including undertaking appropriate lesson preparation and setting/marking examination and test papers where necessary.  
  • Setting and marking students’ work accurately and promptly, giving additional guidance and/or work according to their needs.
  • Providing feedback appropriately and regularly to students. 
  • Assessing and responding to student abilities and progress and adapting approaches where appropriate to different individual learning styles. 
  • Writing reports and testimonials as required within the deadlines set.  
  • Diligently following the scheme of work for each class approved by the Head of Department. 
  • Attending and contributing positively to departmental meetings as scheduled by the Head of  Department, and staff and college meetings as appropriate.  
  • Actively contributing to all educational programmes.  
  • Maintaining an in-depth familiarity with the appropriate curricula and current teaching trends and developments.  
  • Participating enthusiastically in Professional Development, both that which is mandated by the School and that which is identified by the teacher. 
  • Ensuring he/she is fully aware of all of the School’s policies relating to students and act accordingly to protect and enhance the physical and emotional welfare of the students.  - Adhering to all other policies and procedures of the School as approved by the Board and/or the Head.  
  • Fulfilling any other reasonable requests made by the Head of School.  


  • A full teaching load or equivalent;  
  • The duties of an advisor;  
  • Involvement in co-curricular activities including, but not limited to, special events and  programmes;  
  • Attendance at School meetings, Staff meetings, House meetings, Departmental meetings, and meetings of ad hoc committees formed to enable progress in some aspect of school life;
  • Fulfilling administrative procedures prescribed by the School.