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UMOJA Building Community Together

11 July 2024

2 JULY - 11 JULY

The UMOJA UWC Short Course aims to provide a transformative learning experience for a diverse group of youth over a 10-day period. With an emphasis on experiential teaching methods and engagements with both community and nature, the programme seeks to empower participants and equip them with the skills to become effective change-makers in building strong and sustainable communities.


The Short Course will allow participants aged 16 to 20 to become global and local actors, while building a diverse community of change makers, exploring their own identity, and reflecting upon their understanding of the world. UMOJA will allow participants to explore and foster an understanding of the multiple, complex identities within a community by focusing on themes such as power and privilege.



The course is structured around four thematic topics, each explored through workshops designed and facilitated by experienced leaders.

These themes revolve around community building and include:

  • Youth Activism & Entrepreneurship
  • Conflict & Problem Solving
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Identity, Intersectionality & Gender

The programme goes beyond traditional education by fostering curiosity, critical thinking, local and global understanding, respectful and sensitive interaction, compassion, celebrating diversity, problem-solving, and project building.

UMOJA will place emphasis on participants accumulating tools and resources to act as change makers in a sustainable manner, while accompanying them in identifying their own impact-generating projects. The short course will follow the United World College’s model of experiential learning. It will thus be centred around innovative digital workshops, interactive learning, and an element of community engagement. The course will equip participants to think critically, engage globally and become leaders in their own communities.


Dates: 2 July 2024 - 11 July 2024
Location: UWC East Africa - Moshi Campus 
Language of course facilitation: English
Application information: Apply now via this linkApplications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage all interested individuals to apply as early as possible.Outstanding applications and diversity of the cohort will be considered during application review process.
Application deadline: 8 March 2024
Course fee: 875 USD (includes all activities, field trips, room and board)
Participant age requirement: 16 - 20 years old
Scholarship availability: 20 full scholarships(875 USD) and 7 half scholarships are available for applicants for the 2024 cohort of UMOJA.

For more details: visit the website or Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn, or send an email.