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Transforming Identity / Online

28 July 2023

17 - 27 July 2023

Since 2020, the Transforming Identity UWC Short Course has run online with participants from 20+ countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. In 2023, the Transforming Identity Short Course will run both online and in-person.

The Online UWC Short Course will take place over 10 days from 17 to 27 July 2023. Our sessions will run online on Mondays to Thursdays, from UTC 13:00-15:00. It will bring together 40 participants from a multitude of places and backgrounds to explore the theme of "Identity". They will be guided by 10 experienced facilitators, who will help create a space where participants can learn to engage with differences with mutual respect, reflection, and recognition.

The short course consists of workshops that focus on metaphysical, ethical, and political questions around identity, based on three core questions: 

  • Who/What am I?
  • How should we relate and act towards one another?
  • How should we organise ourselves and our resources?


Dates and location: 17 - 27 July 2023, Mondays to Thursdays, Online
Language of course facilitation: English
Course Eligibility: be between 15 and 18 years old at the time of the short course. Applicants will need access to a laptop/tablet device and a stable internet connection for the duration of the course
Application information: application for participants here. If you want to apply for the facilitator position, apply here
Application deadline: 21 April 2023
Course fee: EUR 200
Scholarship availability: need-based scholarships are available
For more details: visit our Instagram or email