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Building A Sustainable Future

31 August 2024

1 JULY - 20 JULY 2024

During the transformative experience of UWC Building a Sustainable Future, where passion meets purpose, participants have the incredible opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of sustainability, engage in insightful guest lectures, and, most importantly, foster meaningful conversations surrounding these critical issues.

Sustainability is something we encounter every day: from recycling in our own homes to questions about how to create sustainable, peaceful communities in regions of conflict. On this course, we learn about all aspects of sustainability: from economic, to ecological, to social issues that play a significant role in a sustainable future.

During the course, young people from culturally, regionally and socio-economically diverse backgrounds come together. This allows us to learn from each other and our different experiences.

The content of the course is divided into program weeks, each of which deals with a focus on a range of topics of economic, ecological and social sustainability. The interactive teaching of the learning content is provided by a varied mix of methods consisting of, amongst other things, presentations, workshops, guest lectures, group discussions and project work.

The course is designed to encourage young people to actively work for positive change and a sustainable future. At the end of the course, participants should not only have a greater knowledge of sustainability, but also feel inspired to become active for a sustainable future themselves.


Dates: 1- 20 July 2024 

Location: UWC Robert Bosch, Freiburg, Germany

Participant age requirement: 15-19 year olds

Language of course facilitation: English

Application Link: here 

Application deadline: 31 March 2024

Course fee: 550€ for German participants, €1.200 for international participants. (Please note: Scholarships are limited, and we can only offer them to German participants)

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