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Bridging Cultures, Bosnia & Herzegovina​​​​​​​

5 July 2022

27 June - 4 July 

Bridging cultures short course approaches the topic of multicultural understanding from the perspectives of various disciplines: anthropology, international relations, arts and literature, psychology, and others. In order to set the foundations of multicultural understanding.

This understanding is developed within the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina, exploring multiculturalism within this area focusing on peacebuilding. We also broaden out the context, introducing the notion of systems of oppression, which we further explore through literature and theatre. Finally, we wrap up the course with a focus on social activism in order to equip our participants with the tools necessary to act within their home communities.

The course will be carried through an experiential learning approach that encourages engagement, action and reflection rather than just observation and listening. A group of facilitators, but also guest speakers representing a range of local NGOs, will deliver workshops and activities. 



Dates: 27 June - 4 July 2022

Location: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Application information: The participants will be selected by UWC Mostar and partner organizations. UWC Mostar (Project coordinator and facilitators) will choose participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the partners will choose participants from their respective countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo*).

Application deadline: Applications are now closed

Course fee: There is no fee, all selected participants will have all costs covered by the organisers

Language: English

Eligibility: Young people, aged 15 - 18

Contact us on: Facebook , Instagram and on our website