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Short Courses

UWC runs short courses and other educational programmes to bring our education and mission to a wider audience. Courses are typically organised either by UWC schools and colleges, national committees, groups of alumni or partner organisations. Every single course is different, but they are typically one to three weeks long and residential. Some courses may run for a shorter period of time, for instance a weekend.

UWC short courses are experiential and immersive experiences. Courses typically bring together 30 - 60 young people from different backgrounds. As the focus of each course is different, the course participants may be from within the same country, region or continent - or it may be entirely international. Each course has a different theme or focuses on different skill development: from youth leadership to sustainability, from conflict/post-conflict to migration, gender and cross cultural understanding.

Admission to Short Courses

Each course has its own admissions process, and if you are interested in attending, please get in touch with the relevant course organiser, or alternatively your national committee who can also give you more information. There is usually a fee to attend the course which covers tuition, room and board. Participants normally also cover their own travel expenses, visa fees and pocket money. For participants who find the cost of attending a UWC short course prohibitive, most short courses offer financial assistance, either from the short course organiser or through the UWC national committee. Please enquire with the relevant short course, or your national committee.

Information for Short Course Organisers

To submit your accreditation application, or if you're interested in running a UWC short course, please contact