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Selection Criteria

Each UWC national committee tailors the yearly application process and deadlines to the local education system and culture to ensure it is relevant and appropriate. The selection process varies from country to country, but all national committees use the same five core UWC selection criteria:

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation
  • Active commitment
  • Social competence
  • Integrity, resilience and personal responsibility
  • Motivation to apply to UWC

Some committees may add additional criteria, including minimum grade requirements.

Anybody can apply to UWC: we are looking for students who want to become a change-maker for a better world - independent of whether they are able to contribute financially to their studies.

Today, over 9,500 students from more than 155 countries are studying on one of the UWC campuses. Over 65% of UWC students selected for UWC through the UWC national committee system receive a full or partial scholarship, enabling admission to a UWC school to be independent of socio-economic means.