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To study at a UWC school or college, applicants need to apply through the UWC national committee in their country of residence or citizenship.

UWC’s national committee system is a unique network of more than 3,000 dedicated volunteers who promote the UWC movement, find, interview and select students in more than 155 countries. A wide variety of individuals make up UWC national committees, including UWC alumni, parents of alumni, education professionals and community leaders who have embraced UWC’s mission and values. They promote UWC to prospective students and parents, encourage and support applications, select prospective scholars and prepare successful applicants for their UWC experience. Some national committees also run short programmes to engage with both future students and alumni.

Over 65% of UWC students selected for UWC through the UWC national committee system receive a full or partial scholarship, enabling admission to a UWC school to be independent of socio-economic means. This means that anybody can apply to UWC!

We are looking for students who want to become a change-maker for a better world, independent of whether they are able to contribute financially to their studies.

Applications through a national committee need to be addressed to the UWC movement, rather than an individual school or college. Applicants can usually name their first choices of preference, but national committees reserve the right to nominate a candidate for any college or school at their discretion, depending on availability. National committees make recommendations for admission, but the school or college makes the final decision on whether to accept a proposed candidate.

Please look into How to Apply for more information if you do not have a national committee, or are not eligible to apply through one.