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13 July 2017

Sorry this item is no longer available to view on this site.

  • Sir John Daniel

    Published 19/07/17

    Chair of the Board - Chair of the Council

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  • Pål Brynsrud

    Published 17/07/17

     Vice Chair of the Board

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  • Arnett Edwards

    Published 11/07/17

    Board Member - Chair of school and college Chairs - Head of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

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  • Chris Edwards

    Published 10/07/17

    Board Member - Head of UWC South East Asia

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  • Christian Hodeige

    Published 09/07/17

    Board Member - Chair of school and college Chairs - Vice-Chair UWC Robert Bosch College

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  • Eva Eschenbruch

    Published 08/07/17

    Board member - Chair of CNC - Secretary General German National Committee

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  • Marco Provencio

    Published 07/07/17

    Board Member - Member of UWC Mexico

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  • Laura Carone

    Published 07/07/17

    Board Member - Vice-Chair CNC

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  • Maria Ines Kavamura

    Published 06/07/17

    Board Member

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  • Nicole Severino

    Published 04/07/17

    Observer - Interim Vice-Chair CNC - Chair Philippines National Committee

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  • Peter Howe

    Published 03/07/17

    Council Member - Board Member - Principal of UWC Atlantic College 

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  • Ulhas Yargop

    Published 02/07/17

    Board member, Vice Chair of UWC Mahindra College

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