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Jill Longson

13 July 2017

Vice-Chair of the Board

Jill is Vice Chair of the UWC International Board and is currently chairing the UWC Community Engagement Committee, aiming to bring the UWC community together to make more impact. Jill is an alumna of UWC Atlantic College and was Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of UWC Atlantic College between 2007-2013. Jill and husband Colin also founded Go Make A Difference, a grant scheme enabling UWC students to develop and implement projects that advance the UWC mission. Jill is also Chair of the Strategic Drafting Group, working stakeholders within UWC to create the next plan for the UWC movement.

Jill's background is in strategic planning and sales and marketing planning on a global level - she worked in particular for international travel companies.A keen sportswoman, Jill sailed across the Atlantic in 2008 raising funds for UWC Atlantic College and in 2015 swam the Dardanelles, from Europe to Asia, for UWC Mostar and UWC Costa Rica. Jill also established the UWC Atlantic College Campus Volunteers Group, which has spent many weeks gardening and renovating at the College and which has now become the UWC Campus Volunteers Group and a UWCx initiative - spending a week at UWC Adriatic in 2016 and a week at UWC Mostar this year.


“It's a great honour and responsibility to serve on the UWC International Board and something I enjoy immensely. The work we have been doing to facilitate bringing the UWC community together to 'live the mission' is a really important development within the UWC movement and one that will continue to have more impact over time. Initiatives like the UWC Hub and UWCx are key to encouraging UWCers to build bridges and work together to resolve issues of importance around the world. And after all that is what UWC is all about!”

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