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Sally Norris

27 March 2017

Deputy Head of College, UWC Dilijan College

After a start in comprehensive education in the UK, Sally moved to the independent sector working in several very highly rated selective 11-18 schools before moving to UWC Atlantic College. At UWC Atlantic she extended from Mathematics into Surf Rescue! Later, she moved to University Counselling there, alongside Mathematics, and for the last 2 years was also member of the Senior Management Team. In these roles, and during her own travel, she visited several of the other UWCs and built up a network of colleagues around the world. It was in 2014, in UWC Dilijan College’s founding year, that she was appointed Deputy Head of UWC Dilijan College. Sally holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of Southampton.


“My best experience at UWC Dilijan was beeing the atrium full of students and flags in the first semester, just as I had imagined it when I first saw it as a concrete shell. Bringing such diverse people together has again taught me more about the world we live in.”