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Libby Mason

24 March 2017

Dean of Students/Faculty Member, Pearson College UWC

Student safety and wellbeing is top priority for Libby who began her career at Pearson as a part-time theatre instructor and wove herself into the fabric of the College to become a beloved faculty member and, just a few years after she arrived on campus, Dean of Students. As a professional theatre director and artist, Libby never originally considered herself a career teacher, yet when she came to Pearson, she felt as if she’d come home. Long a “force of nature” leading students in hosting professional-scale annual One World and other theatrical performances, she is equally respected for her commitment to a healthy and supportive learning environment. Individually, Libby encourages students to feel comfortable in opening up to her. As a team member, Libby partnered with other key campus leaders to host the 2016 UWC Pastoral Care Conference - an important step in sharing knowledge about best practices in residential care within the UWC school network.


“Building relationships is about building great trust. It’s imperative that when students are seeking help, they know this is a place they can come. My role is to ensure they are receiving the support they need to have the best experience possible.”

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