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Laura Carone

20 June 2018

Board Member - Chair of the Committee of the National Committees (CNC)

Laura Carone is a social worker specialised in health and gender and currently works in the field of patient advocacy and access to medicines and health services. Laura also has experience in community based interventions and teaches social work at university. She graduated from UWC Waterford Kamhlaba in 2003 and has been a volunteer with the UWC Argentina National Committee since then, engaging in activities that include rebuilding the national committee, coordinating the country-wide selection process and implementing a pastoral care strategy focusing on students and their families. Laura has also been involved in the wider UWC movement as part of the Social Commitment Task Force (SCTF), a group of national committees that voiced their concerns about the local and social impact of our model, and by participating in some of the collaborative actions that eventually led to the creation of the CNC. She is happy to join the CNC and committed to represent the interests of the committee's in the Americas region and worldwide.