Co-Curriculum Coordinator

UWC Dilijan

Location:    Dilijan, Republic of Armenia
Contract Type: Full Time
Contract Term: Fixed Term

Required for August 2017

UWC Dilijan College wishes to appoint a well-qualified and experienced graduate for Co-Curriculum Co-ordinator position. 
Applicants should be committed to the vision of the Founders of the college and the mission statement of the United World Colleges; they must also be ready to commit to the IB Diploma and to teach Theory of Knowledge. Information can be found at  and and on Facebook at UWC Dilijan ( Applicants must be committed to the highest standards of academic excellence within a balanced curriculum that includes a strong service component.

Employer Information

UWC Dilijan opened in August 2014 as an IB Diploma Programme college within the UWC movement, which now comprises 17 colleges across the world. As the first college of its kind in the region, UWC Dilijan brings the vision and values of the movement to a new part of the world. Based upon the three-fold educational pillars of high academic standards, extensive co-curricular activities including service with strong community co-operation, and residential life, UWC Dilijan provides a balanced, rich, challenging and transformative education for its diverse body of students aged 16-18 on entry, currently from 72 countries, most of whom are studying English as an additional language.

The Package on Offer includes:

  • A two-year contract (renewable by mutual consent)
  • A competitive salary (stated in $US, paid in equivalent Armenian Dram)
  • Rent-free accommodation on or off campus with free meals in the dining-hall
  • Flights at the beginning and end of the contract and an annual travel allowance
  • Excellent facilities including an indoor swimming-pool and theatre
  • Professional Development opportunities
  • Private medical insurance
  • Wonderful students

Co-curriculum Responsibilities

  • Manage the co-curricular team of staff (and students).
  • Be known and visible within the college, local and RVVZ communities.
  • Working with the co-curricular team the CoCo has the responsibility to oversee and manage the following:
  • Identify possible co-curricular projects and activities
  • Establish and maintain links with the local community, to give the students and insight into the society in which they live.
  • Identify worthwhile activities within and outside the school 
  • Establish a broad co-curricular structure, giving the opportunity for each student to engage in varied, challenging and meaningful activities
  • Liaise with SMT (including the Operations Manager) and DP coordinator to enhance this programme.
  • Monitor and maintain co-curricular learning resources.
  • Manage the co-curricular budget, stores and purchasing through the college systems.
  • Share achievements with community and PR Department
  • Proactively discover and follow up on new opportunities and support students and staff to further new links and ideas.
  • Ensure that all students are supported, mentored and have feedback throughout the overall co-curricular programme, and specifically on the CAS requirements.
  • Complete reporting, as required on student performance
  • Organize training for staff and supervisors to enhance the college’s delivery of the co-curriculum.
  • Create and update the calendar for the co-curriculum (Events, Activities), and share with counterparts.
  • Be aware of external events which affect the delivery of our co-curriculum eg Armenian term dates, events in Dilijan and Yerevan.
  • Chair the CAS committee meetings. 
  • Regularly participate/observe activities/meetings in order to feedback, monitor and improve quality and systems.
  • Chair/convene/attend regular meetings with counterparts, as necessary to promote good community relations.
  • Ensure that all counterparts are informed about our co-curriculum and where necessary the IB requirements.
  • Keep records of meetings.
  • Monitor and encourage the involvement and participation of staff and students within the co-curricular programme.
  • Take a lead role in promoting and supporting student, staff and visitor safety and well-being, anticipating and responding accordingly to potential threats.
  • Demonstrate full awareness of health and safety issues and procedures, complying with these and involving staff and students in a pro-active way.
  • Being familiar with emergency procedures and being ready to implement them if necessary.
  • Invite staff and other individuals to take part in co-curricular by leading activities appropriate to their skills and interest.
  • Ensure all College and where relevant, community safety requirements are maintained.
  • To be pro-active in arranging transport efficiently and in a timely manner.

Specific Responsibilities Linked with the IB are:

  • Ensure that the school administration and all staff involved with the CAS provision have a clear understanding of the rationale for CAS and support it as an integral part of the DP.
  • Work with the AH(C) to create a CAS guide/handbook that follows the key CAS guidelines but also meets the unique needs of the school and community.
  • Responsible for ensuring that students involved in CAS can meet the aims and objectives set out by the IB guide.
  • Ensure that tutors are clearly informed about the rationale for CAS in such a way that they fully understand its aim and objectives, and can pass this on to students.
  • Ensure that all students are clearly informed about the rationale for CAS in such a way that they fully understand its aims and objectives, and how they will benefit from it.
  • Create the framework which enables students to create their own activities appropriate to the overall objectives.
  • Approve possible CAS projects and experiences and provide guidance to staff and students on suitability of CAS activities .
  • Work with other staff to monitor students’ progress in CAS.
  • Maintain consistent standards of reporting within CAS.
  • Ensure that all students fulfill the CAS requirements according to IB guidelines.
  • Inform SMT with respects to IB CAS developments.
  • Maintain and keep CAS records.
  • Have a good knowledge of ManageBac and its use to record CAS and inform the IB.
  • Train, inform and update staff (advisors and supervisors) and students on the efficient use of ManageBac.
  • Produce ManageBac training materials relevant to CAS.
  • Provide guidance to CAS advisors/supervisors upon their roles and responsibilities within the CAS programme.
  • Ensure that documentation reflects developments in the program and is prepared, implemented and evaluated in a systematic manner.
  • Providing a schedule which will encourage and monitor reflections and interviews happening in a timely manner.

Required qualifications:

  • Strong interest in working with student groups
  • Strong interest and expertise in developing the co-curricular programme
  • Strongly belief in the importance of experiential education as part of a holistic curriculum.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Demonstrated understanding of the needs of students of this age (16 – 19)
  • An understanding of the operative teaching connections between pastoral, academic, social, spiritual, cultural, sporting and creative factors that work together to provide a dynamic learning community committed to the care and flourishing of the whole person.
  • Willingness to work flexibly, including evenings and weekends as the job may require.

Candidates are expected to have:

Letters of application, a detailed CV and the names and contact details of three referees, at least one of whom should be the most recent employer, should be sent to with the subject line Co-Curriculum Co-ordinator (CoCo) to arrive no later than 01 March 2017.

UWC Dilijan College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students. Applicants must consent to extensive background and police checks and declare details of criminal or other convictions.