Alumni initiatives

Alumni initiatives

Supporting HIV/AIDS orphans in Swaziland

Started by Amy Burnett (Waterford Kamhlaba UWC) when she was still a UWC studen

This is our local application of the legacy we learned at UWC

In 2005 UWC alumna Geraldine Paredes Vásquez (Mahindra UWC) set up W

Improving access to clean water in rural Uganda

Springs of Peace is a grass-roots initiative to improve access to clean and potable water f

Promoting international understanding and environmental awareness

A group of alumni from different UWC colleges/schools have created a grou

Implementing sustainable solutions to agricultural issues in Ethiopia

I-ImpactNow is a growing non-profit organisation which works to allev

Raising awareness of water issues in Delhi

Tarini Manchanda (Mahindra UWC of India) received a grant through the United

Education and employment

UWC alumnus Mudit Tyagi (UWC- USA) together with his wife Amy Karon(UWC-USA), dev

Bringing sustainable energy to a slum in Ghana

David Wan (Atlantic College 08-10) is the Director of Marketing Communications at Energy for

Promoting healthcare in Turkey

Deniz Vatansever initiated the DocDoors project in his junior year at Trinity College, USA.

Inspiring cycling in the USA

Lucy Richards (UWC Adriatic) is developing and distributing a film encouraging cycling in t

Reducing dependence on firewood

Brijlal Chaudhari (Red Cross Nordic UWC) has set up a project in his village in Nepal&nb

'Conectados' is installing computer labs in Peruvian schools

Wasiymi Wasiki is Quechua for 'my home is your home' and is an

Serving children and youth in the Philippines

Nathania (Tanya) Aritao (UWC Costa Rica) from the Philippines set up the N

Supporting underprivileged high school students in rural Africa

UWC South East Asia alumnus Michael Ogutu founded the Ungana Scholars Proje