Major gifts

Major gifts

Donating a lump sum to UWC could change young people’s lives and help develop future world leaders.

You could fund a full or partial scholarship for students at UWC. Perhaps you’d like to help build a new facility on campus. Or to establish a new scholarship programme for a particular group of students.

Our work depends on the generously of people who make major gifts, and they can help:

Find out more about how you can make donate to UWC by calling our fund development team on +44 207 269 7800 or sending an email to

You get started in philanthropy with a focus. In my case it was educating students from around the world to learn about each other and to make a difference in our world. You’re not singling out any one country. You’re helping the whole world through these change agents.

Shelby Davis, who established the Shelby Davis Scholarship programme for UWC students