Making an endowed gift

Making an endowed gift

Ever thought of establishing a scholarship fund in your family name? Or helping a young person to develop skills in an area you love? An endowed gift can help you do exactly that. 

An endowed gift is when you choose to donate a certain amount each year for a long period of time. We have existing funds, or you could start a new one.

It’s a great way to give to UWC as it:

  • means we can invest interest from the fund in specific areas of our work, helping ensure we provide an inclusive and accessible education to a diverse range of students.
  • provides a consistent source of income which helps us plan what we do, including creating new aspects of our curriculum that develop and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

To find out more about making an endowment gift, please call our fund development team on +44 207 269 7800 or send an email to

I would like to thank you Mr Davis and Mr Mahindra for the financial support you graciously donated to UWC. I, along with a multitude of other UWC students, am very thankful for your contribution as I would not have grown into the person I am today without UWC. 

Maia Watson, who went to UWC Costa Rica