Alumni Giving

Alumni Giving

You can help others benefit from the same opportunities you were lucky enough to have.

Donating to UWC is a brilliant way to give back to the community that helped shape you.

Many alumni educated at our schools and colleges donate. It lets other supporters know that as an alumni you value your UWC experience. 

Support your school or college
Giving to your own school or college helps them have a sustainable income.  Many have annual funds which you could contribute to. 

Contact your college or school to ask about how you can best support their work.

Find out more about how you can make your gift tax efficient at no extra cost. 

Other ways to give 
Of course, alumni are welcome to support other areas of the UWC movement. You can donate to national committees, UWC International and special projects. 

Send an email to to discuss other ways to give.

UWC took my life on a completely different path – I have never looked back. I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity.

Kara Hanson, who went to UWC Atlantic College