Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

We believe that education can be a force for peace and a sustainable future and all parts of the global UWC movement work towards this.

UWC International’s work has been framed since 2010 by the current strategy, a copy of which can be found here.

UWC International is currently working on a new strategy which will determine UWC’s work in the years to come. At the UWC Congress 2016, which was held at the end of October in Italy, the current draft of the new strategy was shared with all participants and they were provided with numerous opportunities to provide feedback. Around the same time, UWC’s main governance bodies - including the UWC Council, the UWC Committee of the National Committees, the UWC International Board and various Board committees - also discussed the current draft and provided their input.

UWC International now invites the UWC members at large to provide their input into the strategy process. Here you can access the draft of the strategy as it was presented during the UWC Congress. Please note that the current draft of the UWC strategy does - on purpose - not yet include action points or key performance indicators which will be developed in due course. At this stage we wish to ask for the UWC community's input on the main areas of focus and direction.

Members of the UWC community were invited to submit their feedback on the draft strategy until 31 December 2016. All feedback received has now been shared with the Strategy Drafting Group.

There is also a specific group on the UWC Hub which serves as a space for community members to discuss and debate the strategy. We invite all UWC alums alongside current and former staff to exchange their views and ideas in that group. You can access the group here.

Jens Waltermann, UWC International’s Executive Director, presented the draft strategy during the UWC Congress. If you want to watch his presentation please click here.

Apart from inviting general reactions to the current draft, Feedback on the draft strategy is invited on the three main areas of UWC’s work as set out in the draft strategy, mainly:

  • Education
  • National Committee
  • Engagement & Outreach
Further feedback is invited on the main support functions, namely:
  • Financial sustainability

  • Governance and scalable processes

  • Communications

  • Digital technology