UWC major international supporters and scholarship programmes

Major Donors


Horizon-UWC Scholars Programme
The Horizon Foundation, founded in 2004 by Patrick and Kirkland Smulders, provides scholarships for deserving students from the Middle East and Asia. After supporting scholars at four UWC colleges individually, in 2016 the Horizon Foundation decided to expand the partnership and together with UWC International started a Horizon-UWC Scholars Programme targeting refugee students, young people from conflict zones and other students coming from underprivileged/marginalised backgrounds. There are 21 Horizon-UWC Scholars enrolled in one of the UWC schools or colleges for the 2016/17 academic year  with plans being developed to expand the programme and reach out to more deserving young people affected by conflicts.

Aurora Humanitarian Initiative - part of IDeA Foundation

Aurora-UWC Gratitude Scholarship Programme (formally known as 100-Live)
In 2015 Aurora Humanitarian Initiative launched the Aurora-UWC Gratitude Scholarship Programme to educate 100 underprivileged students as a way to express gratitude on behalf of the survivors of Armenian Genocide and the global Armenian community to the people who offered shelter and food to those displaced by this conflict a century ago. The students that form part of this programme are known as the “Aurora - UWC Scholars”.

Ten inaugural Aurora – UWC Scholars selected by UWC national committees in Syria, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinians Camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt started their education at four UWC schools and colleges around the world in September 2016. All these students come from troubled backgrounds, mostly from communities affected by conflicts in the region and show a great potential for becoming advocates for a more peaceful and sustainable future.


Davis – UWC IMPACT Challenge
UWC Patron Shelby M C Davis launched the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge across UWC Colleges in August 2015. This US $15 million match-funding incentive has been designed to encourage and increase donations from UWC alumni, parents and other UWC supporters. Each of the current 15 UWC Colleges will benefit from US $1 million in new funding provided they register an overall increase in the number of alumni, parents, friends and family making gifts.

Shelby Davis’ initiative is intended to incentivise alumni and other donors to give back to the UWC movement and to foster sustainable alumni donor programmes across the UWC schools and colleges.  This gift represents a significant boost to UWC’s scholarship funds.

The world need extraordinary leadership to navigate today’s complex challenges, tensions and conflicts, as well as to make the most of new opportunities. The UWC movement is ideally suited to provide such leaders and we are privileged to support it” - Shelby Davis

Davis-Mahindra Scholarship Award
Each UWC school or college Head designates four outstanding second year scholarship students as Davis-Mahindra Scholars during their final UWC year. The award was formerly known as the Davis International Scholarship Award – it was renamed in 2014 to reflect the commitment that Anand Mahindra has made to supporting the UWC movement in the form of annual grants to the UWC schools and colleges. All Davis-Mahindra Scholars laureates are proven leaders of high character who are motivated high achievers and have great development potential in their school Head's estimation. Last academic year 56 UWC second year scholars from fourteen UWC schools and colleges were granted this honour. All UWC schools and colleges are encouraged to use these grants for scaling up their alumni engagement and fundraising functions.

Davis-UWC Scholars Program
The Davis UWC Scholars Program provides scholarship support to UWC graduates to study at 94 selected partner US colleges and universities. Launched in 2000 with five pilot universities - Princeton University, Colby College, College of the Atlantic, Middlebury College and Wellesley College - scholarships are awarded needs-based to every UWC graduate who has gained acceptance and matriculated at one of the participating universities and colleges. Shelby Davis, a long time UWC patron and former UWC-USA Head, Philip Geier, created the Davis-UWC Scholars Program to advance international and cross-cultural  understanding on US college campuses and ultimately throughout the world. Since its inception, the program has provided scholarships to 6,909 scholars from 152 countries and is the largest international scholarship program for undergraduates in the world.


AMAN - UWC Scholars
Jointly developed by the AMAN Foundation and UWC in 2014, the AMAN-UWC Scholars Programme aims to provide 100 scholarships to Pakistani students from underprivileged communities over a five year period. Each year, ten or more need-based scholarships are funded by UWC. The AMAN Foundation is funding an additional ten full scholarships for young people from Karachi, with a focus on maximising opportunities for female candidates. Its founders Arif Naqvi and Fayeeza Naqvi hope to make a lasting impact on Pakistani society by educating a new generation of leaders who can contribute to the future peace and prosperity of their nation.

This quote from an Aman Foundation-UWC scholar who recently graduated from UWC Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, sums up perfectly the uniqueness of a the scholars’ experience at a UWC: 
''... it is not life of an individual that you have changed but this light will spread to many more. The mission I am undertaking for my life, for which I am studying and equally preparing myself in all aspects, I will be able to help many and contribute towards a positive change in society. I hope I make it there and get the right environment to achieve my dream of spreading education, work of social welfare and change. This dream wasn’t possible without the opportunity to study in UWC. Thank you so much for giving me dreams and mission.''


UWC-Velux Young Change Makers
The Velux Foundations provide matched funding for 36 full scholarships for young people in Central and Eastern Europe. Started in 2013, the project runs over four selection years with the last cohort of students graduating in 2018. Candidates have been recruited from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria and Romania with a strong focus on the Roma community. These six countries have been chosen due to the political and economic changes that have had an impact on young people there. It is anticipated that alumni emerging from this programme will become advocates and leaders for their own communities contributing to greater change, progress and integration in their home countries and across the wider region. The legacy of the grant is also expected to have long-lasting effects by building the capacity of the UWC national committees to reach out more widely to young people from marginalised groups  in the future.

Josef who has recently graduated from UWC Li Po Chun in Hong Kong says: ‘’In my country [Czech Republic] at my previous school, I experienced discrimination based on my ethnicity which limited my potential to grow. I was the only Roma in my previous school, same as at LPC, but here I feel not less than others but equal with everybody. This allowed me to grow to the person who I am now; confident, respectful and open minded. This is the first place where I experienced the most peaceful and non-racist environment, which allowed my potential to grow. I have found my life goal, which is not to let other generations of Roma people experience what I have experienced."