UWC (United World Colleges) International and the UWC Mostar Endowment 'Bridge to the Fut

​This summer, UWC Germany organized the “Building a Sustainable Future” short cou

Victoria Alleyne (UWC-USA 2004-2006) wanted to be an astronaut until one day, while at UWC-USA, a presentation about s

A Group of Alumni Jumping for Joy

Today, on the occasion of the annual UWC Day that celebrates the values and mission of the UWC movement, we are excite

Hannah McKinnon, from Canada, is a UWC Pearson College alumna (2000-2002).

Daniel Mittler, from Germany, is a UWC Pearson College alumnus (1990-1992) and a member of the German UWC National Com

“You’re not going to get everything you want right away.