Ian Chisholm

I took a job that had me breathing air well beyond my competency level

Ian Chisholm works as a specialist for The Gemini Project in Canada. The Gemini Project is founded on the principle that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have real leadership potential and the capacity to move the community. This project is centered around the concept of dual mentorship, where street kids coach executives, and executives, in turn, coach street kids. Communication and patience are the basic principles used to instill confidence within the participants during their coaching sessions.

Recently Ian and his colleagues have pushed their project in a new direction, running coaching workshops in the community of Mackenzie, and in the remote First Nations community of Kwadacha. In the future Ian hopes to see a roomful of First Nations elders, RCMP, doctors, nurses, teachers, teenagers, public servants and parents all coaching each other in their leadership practice.

Ian became involved with The Gemini Project at the age of 27. “I took a job that had me breathing air well beyond my competency level. I knew these folks were onto something important," he recalls.  "I felt a ‘calling.'”

Ian Chisholm
Specialist for The Gemini Project